3 Easy Steps to Reversing Arm Wrinkles!

We now know that you should protect your face and neck from sun damage, but what about your arms? Once sleeveless shirts/dresses became popular, aging arm wrinkles started showing up everywhere!

Here are 3 steps to reversing arm wrinkles and it is much easier (and less expensive) than you think!

Step 1: Apply an over the counter product once a day that has real anti-aging power! I love Differin gel which is a FDA approved retinoid (think Retin-A) that was released for otc use last year. It will cost less than $20 and only a pea size needs to be applied to each arm. Differin will stimulate collagen growth, lighten brown spots and improve the appearance of your skin much quicker than just doing steps 2 and 3 below. You can also use any retinol designed for the skin.

Step 2: Layer a moisturizer that specifically targets ageing onto the skin twice a day. Jergen’s Age Defying Moisturizer, Olay’s Total Effects Body Lotion, Aveeno Positively Ageless are a few examples. Applying this twice a day (I’m talking morning and night) is the best/fastest way to achieve wrinkle-free arms.  Plus, these products are affordable enough to have one next to your bed so you don’t forget!

Step 3: This last step is absolutely the MOST IMPORTANT and not to be skipped. Apply a sunscreen of 30 SPF or higher directly after step #2. Sun (photo) damage is the #1 way to age your skin and protection needs to be applied no matter if you aren’t going outside. These damaging rays easily penetrate the glass in our homes, offices and cars. Also, wearing long sleeves is NOT going to protect your skin from sun damage unless those sleeves are made with sun protecting powers!

Lastly, remember that your skin didn’t get this way overnight and making it better will take time. If you do these 3 easy steps for 30 days you WILL see a difference. And you can’t go back to your old ways after you have achieved your goal, so make this simple routine a habit for life!


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