A brief bio of Maria


Welcome! My name is Maria and as the editor and creator of Maria’s Skin Secrets, I believe it’s important for you to know a little about my background.

I didn’t start off being a skin care professional, but I did learn the importance of good skin care at an early age by my mother. Washing my face at night, using body lotion after a bath or shower, protecting my skin from a burn and how to treat it when it happened. During my lifetime, I have had my share of skin issues – teenage (and now adult) acne, sun damage that was cute as freckles and now depressing as ‘age spots’, pre-cancerous and now basal cell carcinoma. So you can say that, while not always a profession, skin has been my ‘thing’. Sixteen years ago, with lots of schooling, training, traveling, three businesses, and a whole lot of other stuff….here I am, a skin care professional.

I also think it is important to know where I get my information.

The reviews on this website represent many hours of my own hard work of breaking down treatments, procedures, products and ingredients for the average person.

Also, some of the articles you will find here are the direct result of information I’ve personally combined from readily available public sources such as articles, journals, and published research.

Maria’s Skin Secrets is a personal blog written and edited by me. The views and opinions expressed here are presented in good faith and are strictly my own.

That’s enough about me…..let’s get to those secrets!

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