Age Defying Tria Laser – Review

I always look forward to visiting my family and this recent trip was extra special. My oldest sister was traveling abroad which meant I could investigate her endless lotions, potions and skin care devices without her knowledge (until she reads this blog, of course).

When I say she ‘has everything’, I mean it. Her bathroom is full of containers promising Hope, Miracles, and Grace. Drawers have gadgets that even I’m not aware of, but on this particular trip I was only after one thing – her Age-Defying Tria Laser.

According to their website,  “the Age-Defying Laser uses the exact same technology as professional in-office treatments (clinically known as “fractional non-ablative laser treatments”)”. Okay, so I have a problem with this statement. I’ve been working with fractional non-ablative lasers for years now and seriously doubt the FDA would approve this type of technology for home use.

Time to try it out for myself.

Opening the pretty lavender and white box, I was unable to find the step by step directions (who am I kidding…I wouldn’t have read them anyway). Instead I scanned the ‘quick start’ instructions and did a test spot on my arm. I seriously did not expect the impressive zap Tria delivered which left a small welt on my forearm.

Undaunted, I placed the Tria on my cheek and quickly moved it around. WOW!!! Even at the ‘training’ setting it felt like tiny sparks were hitting my skin! After a couple of minutes, I hesitantly set the Tria on level 1 and moved it quickly over my skin while trying to think of anything but the unpleasant sensation.

Post treatment, my skin was pinkish/red and continued to tingled for about 30 minutes.

The next night I treated my face and neck with the same experience – and while I wouldn’t call it relaxing, it was more tolerable than my first. I was able to use it a couple more times and even moved it up to level 2 on the third treatment.

The results? I have to say that I am impressed with this device. It definitely feels like it is injuring the skin enough to create collagen and, with regular use, I’m sure there will be a noticeable improvement.

So my final thoughts on the Age-Defying Tria Laser are this –

Does it work?  Yes, but you will need to keep your expectations in check. This is not an in-office procedure and you must use it regularly to see results.

Is it worth the $400+ price tag?  Probably. I have yet to use a home device that seems this effective. In-office procedures typically start at $300+ and multiple sessions are usually required. Having the Tria at home would allow you to use it daily. Another incentive is that you wouldn’t want your investment to just go to waste and gather dust in a box.


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