Amazon Prime’s Skin Care Samples For $2!

Amazon has been all over the news lately and not for what you might think. It’s about their Prime Samples.

AP’s samples range from food, sports nutrition, baby products, personal care & household items, vitamins & supplements and beauty & grooming products. There are also sample boxes where you can get multiple samples of a certain category all in one box.

I don’t know about you, but few things are more aggravating to me than purchasing something new only to find out that it tastes terrible, stings like hell or simply doesn’t work. For me, samples are a great way to eliminate those issues while saving time trying to return unwanted products.

Clicking on the beauty & grooming category it gets more specific with subcategories of facial skin care, shampoo & conditioner, lip makeup and more. The samples are almost all well known brands, such as Elizabeth Arden and La Roche-Posay, that are available from $2 to $4 with samples boxes from $7 .99 to $19.99. Along with the samples you will also receive a credit of the same amount toward a future purchase for similar products sold by Amazon.

Prime Samples – just one more reason why I love Amazon Prime!


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