An eye cream that actually works….



Ahhh, it’s good to be back behind the keyboard after The Aesthetic Show in Las Vegas. There was so much to learn, so much to share! Let’s get started with an eye product that actually works!

Living Proof’s Neotensil, an acronym for Neo (new), T (transforming), E (elastic), N (non-invasive), S (supportive), I (invisible) and L (layer solution) claims to reshape the appearance of bags and lax skin beneath the eyes. In production for more than 10 years, Neotensil is made from Strateris, the ‘platform’ that enables the product.

Strateris is a breathable skin film that is elastic. When applied under the eye, it compresses, shapes and contracts just like youthful skin. In 1-3 hours it flattens out the actual fat pad, almost like ‘Spanx’ for the eyes!

Betty Lu, Living Proof’s first hire and creator of Strateris, who has a Doctor of Science in Chemical Engineering from MIT, states “Other products that claim to be for under eye bags are based on egg white or starch technology, and you might get an immediate benefit, but as soon as you move around you lose the benefits. No other material out there has this elasticity, snap back property. We have users who like to wear it throughout the night. It has tremendous hydration properties as well. We have clinical data showing that it maintains hydration over the course of 24 hours.”

Neotensil costs around $500 and is generally sold through medical professionals only (although this writer found it on Amazon).


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Until next time….