Anese – Skincare With Attitude!

It’s not enough to have a great product anymore. With thousands of skincare companies competing for your attention (and money) your product must stand out.

Introducing Anese. Created by Lynnsee van Gordon, this line DEMANDS your attention with products called Pretty Sure I’m Gorgeous (a hydrating charcoal mask with hyaluronic acid/antioxidants/DMAE), Can I Speak To Your Manager? (a toner that cleanses, balances and calms your skin), and Slay Serum (DMAE, blue green algae and 5+ organic extracts that keeps your skin glowing).

But it isn’t just the cute names that are causing everyone to take notice of Anese, it’s the fact that it works while being safe to use. You won’t find any parabens, phthalates or artificial coloring in this line as Ms. van Gordon insists on using only the highest quality oils and extracts and is 100% cruelty free.

Is your skin having one of those days? Then grab the Holy Water (what’s safer than that??) and start praying with Bless This Mess – a mixture of Sea Holly, Holy Water and Organic Aloe Vera to moisturize and soothe skin and hair. Or go the other route with Fuck Bad Vibes, a hydrating elixir that moisturizes and softens that’s even better than smudging!

Anese is so sure you will love their products that they are currently offering 20% your first order. You can also join their Skin Squad and refer their products to your bff’s so they can receive 20% off and you get $10 for the referral! Everything is made in California and prices range from $22-68.

Okay readers, I’ve Gotta Peace Out (a light coconut/Neroli blend to soften skin) cuz I’m So Over It (a gentle exfoliant that gives you back that dewy look)!!


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