Anti-aging treatments that are worth the wait…


We have gone over a few of my favorite ‘gotta have results right now’ treatments. As promised, here is a list of some of my favorite ‘patience is a virtue’ treatments. Enjoy!

Latisse – long, batty eyelashes make you look younger. Yes, there are lots of other brands that promise to lengthen/thicken lashes, but if you want something that is proven to work try Latisse. Found in most medical spas, this truly is the way to go. With Latisse, eyelashes lengthen, darken and become thicker in as little as 2 months. Hint – after your achieve longer/thicker lashes, only apply Latisse 2-3 times a week to maintain the look.

Retin-A – while not tolerated by everyone, it still is the ‘gold standard’ product in accelerating skin cell turnover. Plan on going through an irritated, ‘I can’t do this’ phase, but in 6-8 weeks you will be loving your skin. Find out the best way to approach it for your skin by talking to your doctor or skin care professional. Hint – when applying Retin-A, mix a bit of moisturizer to it in the palm of your hand and then apply to the face. It will help to keep the dryness at bay.

RF and 1064 Yag Pixel treatments – the newest darling in pixel treatments is done with radio frequency. My fav is Sublative by Syneron. It requires less downtime and discomfort  with similar results as the other well known, but not so friendly pixel treatment (Hint – it starts with an ‘F’). Patients are red with a sunburn feel for less than 2 hours and make-up can be applied in 12. The results are amazingly smooth skin and a collagen build like no other! The 1064 Yag pixel is known as ClearLift by Alma Lasers. In and out of the office in less than 45 minutes, this baby will reduce pore size, smooth fine lines and leave you with a pinkish glow. Make-up can be applied directly after the treatment, but who wants to? Show off that tight, beautiful skin! Three to 6 treatments, one month apart are recommended depending on your expectations. Hint – make either treatment a part of your skin maintenance routine and you’ll be postponing that surgery indefinitely!

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