Does Botox Have A Negative Effect On The Brain?


Does this picture make you smile?

It’s called proprioceptive feedback and helps us to understand the emotions we observe by mimicking them. She is smiling, so you smile.


But what about when someone doesn’t have any facial expressions like the model above?

Unfortunately, with the growing popularity of Botox (and other neuromodulators) that lessen our facial expressions, humans may be having a difficult time understanding the expressions of others.

In a study this month by the SISSA (International School for Advanced Studies) in Italy, it claims that neuromodulators could lead to unintentional miscommunication. The stronger the effect of the Botox treatment, the bigger the miscommunication.

Fortunately, once the effects of the Botox wears off, proprioceptive feedback begins working again when others look at you. You frown, they frown.

So to keep the World a safer place with less miscommunication (isn’t there enough of that already?), remember to take it easy on your Botox treatments. Only use the necessary amount to achieve a softer (not frozen) look and have your treatments no less than 3 months apart.


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