Can this drink make you beautiful?

I don’t know about you, but after a good nights sleep I not only feel better – I look better! So when I came across an article on Beauty Foods and how their ‘nightly beauty drinks’ promote a good night’s sleep and beautiful skin – I needed to know more!

Enriched with ingredients that cause alpha waves, one is able to rest and relax so that a good night’s sleep is almost guaranteed! L-Theanine is a proven alpha wave creator and is the main ingredient, along with another called ‘Calming Blend’ (L-Theanine, chamomile flower, lemon balm leaf, passion flower, hops strobile extract and valerian root).

Okay, so we know why the product relaxes you for a restful sleep, but where does the beautiful skin come in? To me…that’s the best part!

It’s an ingredient called hydrolyzed collagen peptide.

In 2014, a double-blind, placebo-controlled study of women taking hydrolyzed collagen peptide once a day had a measurable 20% reduction in wrinkle depth around their eyes after just 8 weeks! Not only that, but their own ‘procollagen’ (think of it as baby collagen) had elevated by 65%! That’s more than half!!

Thinking there still might be a catch – I figured the ‘nightly beauty drink’ mix was going to be awful – gritty, nasty and hard to swallow. Just because they were named Chocolate Bliss, Chocolate Chai Renewal and Vanilla Dream doesn’t mean they have to taste good, right?

On the contrary, reviews of all three drink mixes (reconstituted with 6 ounces of hot milk or the milk alternative of your choice) are all positive! There is even a page on their site for alternative recipes you can make with the drink mixes.

There are three different ways to order –

Luxury Box $49.99 – your first order is a ‘sophisticated luxury box’ that you keep for future orders.

Refills $34.99 – shipped with environmentally aware minimal packaging that are to be placed in the luxury box once they arrive.

Automatic Shipment $62.98 – shipped every 4 weeks.

So it sounds good, right? Unfortunately, I found the ‘catch’……the orders are for 14 single servings. However, you are suppose to have the drink every night which would be ~$85 a month!

My occasional Starbucks looks more affordable and less of a luxury at those prices.


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