Kybella – Not Just For Double Chins

As with a lot of things in this industry, we always find another use them. Botox for jaw pain from grinding or a smoother neck.  Restylane for more youthful hands […]

5 Ways To Tackle Wrinkles

Like millions of others, I’ve been glued to the TV watching the horrible destruction and loss of life from Matthew. Unfortunately, it is slamming into my home town as I […]

Would You Do This For Better Lashes?

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Is This Trend Causing You Wrinkles?

Every time I see someone drinking through a straw, I want to hand them my business card. Oh yeah….you’ll need me – soon! Sipping through a straw seemed like a […]

5 Things To Do For Your Skin Now

Happy Labor Day everyone! While this weekend means different things to each of us (officially it’s a holiday to honor the American labor movement), for most of us it’s our […]

My Results From A Thread Lift…

My friends always say how luck I am that I get to try out anti-aging treatments/products before anyone else. I suppose you could look at it that way. Yes, it’s […]

5 Reasons Why PRP Is The Fountain Of Youth!

Years ago we couldn’t imagine having a poisonous toxin injected into our face to reduce wrinkles. Now, Botox is the number one treatment in anti-aging! So while it may sound […]

Juvederm Volbella XC – Now FDA Approved But Is It For You?

You’ve probably already heard about Volbella XC – the latest hyaluronic acid injectable to be added to the Juvederm family. Recently FDA approved for ‘lip fullness and smoothness of the […]

Will Botox Help Resting B—- Face?

A new patient came in for a Botox treatment the other day because she was told she had ‘Resting Bitch Face’. Seriously??!! Apparently, RBF is now a thing! Some of […]

Does Botox Have A Negative Effect On The Brain?

Does this picture make you smile? It’s called proprioceptive feedback and helps us to understand the emotions we observe by mimicking them. She is smiling, so you smile. But what […]