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While I’ve seen Dr. Jart+ products advertised, I’ve never really given them much thought. That was until I saw their rubber masks which features an unsettling rubberized baby face on the cover. It’s a bit creepy, right?

Trying to remove the image from my screen as quickly as possible, I ended up on their website that is full of medicinal sounding, cleverly worded products for all types of skin ailments. First, there’s the Ceramidin line with the main ingredient being Ceramide to help provide replenishing and restoring benefits. Then there are the Prescriptment Sheet Masks that do everything from removing blackheads to brightening the skin. There’s also the Pore Medic and Dermaclear lines that offer peels that soothe and tighten the skin. Talk about multitasking!

Skipping ahead to the anti-aging category, there is a futuristic wand called the Liftra Contour Shaper made from germanium. Germanium is a metalloid that many believe can improve the immune system by boosting oxygen in the body and destroying free radicals. Used in conjunction with the Contour Cream and Contour Fixer, the shaper strengthens the skins elasticity leaving behind noticeably lifted effects!

Digging deeper into Dr. Jart’s products, it’s clear that they focus on tons of research and high quality ingredients. They then give their products a name that makes sense to the average person, which is actually brilliant. Americans spend billions of dollars on skincare annually! Just think of how many companies are fighting for a piece of your hard earned money. The choices can be overwhelming even for someone like me. So if I’m searching for a daily sunscreen and see ‘Every Sun Day UV Sunscreen’ (obviously labeled as a sunscreen that I would use every day) then my shopping just got a whole lot easier!

Dr. Jart – where have you been all my life???

Turns out there isn’t a Dr. Jart, but rather two creative geniuses behind the scenes – Dr. SungJae Jung and Chin Wook Lee. Two close family friends that started collaborating back in 2001 and now have a world-wide, cult-like following. Available through their website, with a seamless link to Sephora, Dr. Jart+ products are just a click away from helping your skin be its best!


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