Dr. Oracle – K-Beauty’s Answer To Acne

Having acne was bad enough in my teens, but in my mid-50’s it is ridiculously depressing! Seriously, I have no idea if I’ll start my day worried about wrinkles, acne or both!

So when my favorite K-Beauty source (SOKO GLAM!!) started promoting Dr. Oracle’s acne line I was ecstatic! Ms. Charlotte Cho, the heart and soul of Soko Glam, isn’t about to have skincare products that don’t deliver what they promise. Think I’m serious about skincare? Charlotte’s dedication to educating and providing the best skincare has to offer is truly inspirational!

Why buy Dr. Oracle acne products when so many others have failed to live up to the hype? Truth be told, there really isn’t a ‘Dr. Oracle’. The product line was developed by Oracle Skin Clinic, arguably the #1 dermatology clinic in South Korea and abroad with over 70 clinics to date. I love it because it does exactly what you want an anti-acne skincare line to do – treat the acne without destroying the rest of your skin!

Here are Dr. O’s top 5 acne fighting products that will have you saying ‘bye-bye’ to your breakouts!

A-Thera Cleansing Foam – a combination of salicylic acid, green tea and sage extract works to deep clean the skin without irritation.

A-Thera Toner – this product calms acne-inflammed skin while speeding up the healing process.

A-Thera Emulsion – most of us who suffer from acne are terrified of moisturizers. This emulsion takes the fear out of hydrating our skin without worrying about causing more breakouts!

A-Thera Cream – more like a gel than an actual cream, this product absorbs quickly to hydrate skin without overpowering it!

A-Thera Tea Tree Peeling Sticks – these swabs are genius! They allow you to precisely apply AHA and BHA where you need it, not where you don’t! The combination of tea tree, bamboo and lemon extracts gently exfoliate the skin which allows the AHA/BHA to fight the acne without causing irritation!



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