FDA Approves AspireAssist To Suck Food Out Of Your Stomach After Eating

Just when things couldn’t get any weirder – AspireAssist is the newest weight loss device on the market and probably the strangest.

AspireAssist is a thin tube that is placed in your stomach and is then connected to a port-like ‘button’ on the outside of your abdomen. After you have eaten, you attach another small tube to the ‘button’ and drain 30% of the aspirated meal into the toilet. This process takes approximately 5-10 minutes, is performed 20 minutes after eating and is done 3 times a day.

The procedure is considered minimally invasive and can be performed under light sedation in approximately 15 minutes. Patients are back home after one to two hours and can resume normal activities shortly after that.

AspireAssist offers counseling (either one-on-one or group) to encourage patients to eat healthier, smaller portions of food and increase physical activity. They also state that ‘careful and comprehensive monitoring by a physician to ensure you are losing weight in a healthy manner’ is required.

Once you have reached your desired weight (or at anytime after it has been inserted), you can have the device easily removed in a 10 minute outpatient procedure.

The AspireAssist reportedly costs around $13,000 and is considered an option for those who cannot afford or are not a candidate for bariatric surgery.

You can find out more about AspireAssist by clicking here.


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