Five ways to fight off a face lift….

Here are 5 easy ways to fight the aging process without having a face lift. Remember, nothing turns back the clock overnight – drug store products, at-home devices and ‘Instantly Ageless’ serums just do not work. Be smart, invest in yourself and you will see the returns in 6-9 months!

Invest in medical grade products –
These are products that you cannot buy in a drug store, but rather from a physician or authorized seller on-line. They will cost more, but are worth the results.
Suggestions – SkinMedica and Regenica are two of my favorites for growth factors. Obagi is well known for dealing with hyperpigmentation and Dr. Obagi’s new line ZO Skin Health covers acne and hyperpigmentation. Epionce is an up and coming line that shouldn’t be overlooked with a smaller price tag than the others.

Try a little tox –

Tired of being asked why you are upset or worried? Get the mirror and let’s figure this out together. Do you have 1-3 lines between your eyebrows? Then you might want to start thinking of getting Botox Cosmetic, Dysport or Xeomin. If you don’t want to do injectables, then try one of the many topical versions, but don’t expect the ‘wow’ you would get from using the real thing.

Have an IPL –
Years in the sun are now making a statement on your face and it’s time to do something about it. IPL’s (intense pulsed light) are the best way to go. These treatments directly seek out and destroy brown spots, as well as red vessels, in a hurry. Depending on how bad they are, expect to have 3-6 treatments to erase those years in the sun.

Tighten up before it’s too late –
skin tightening
Having regular skin tightening treatments is a great way to build collagen and stop (or correct) the jowls before they start. There are a variety of treatments available that don’t require downtime such as radio frequency or non-ablative lasers. If you have a long weekend and want something a bit more aggressive, try one of the Pixel lasers which will also help with texture issues.

Restore lost volume –
Dermal fillers, or the bio-stimulant Sculptra, are the best way to stave off a face lift. Start early and start small. If you wait to late to start correcting lost volume it will cost a lot more.


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