I had microneedling and survived to tell about it….

dermapen procedure

I must admit, I was a bit apprehensive for my first microneedling procedure with our new Eclipse Dermapen. Twelve needles poking through my skin over and over again – who would willing do this? Call me crazy (or vain), but I was going to have it done – butterflies in my stomach or not!
After having my skin cleansed – a hyaluronic acid serum was applied. There are other serums that can be used to address different issues – dark spots, acne, anti-aging and even a method using your own blood cells containing growth factors (think Kim K’s Vampire Facial).

Kim's Vampire Facial

I opted to have just my neck and chest treated (if anything can help them, I’m all in!) and didn’t have any numbing before hand so I could see how it really felt.
The treatment depth was set to 1.5mm – which was aggressive. The sensation was more of a vibration (the motion of the needle hub moving up and down) than of needles going through the skin and not painful at anytime. By the time a few rows were completed, I had forgotten about the sensation and was focused more on how gently the pen moved across my skin.
Within 20 minutes, my neck and chest were successfully treated and a soothing lotion was applied. The skin felt tender and was somewhat red – similar to a very aggressive microdermabrasion.
That evening I was able to cleanse and apply regular moisturizer to the area and by morning the redness was almost gone. Everyone was amazed at how fast I was healing and by day 3 all signs of redness and irritation were completely gone.
Five days later I actually liked the appearance of my neck and chest (something that rarely happens). Vertical and horizontal lines were diminished, the texture of the skin was improved and it had only been 5 days!
Who knows, I might even love my neck and chest after a couple more treatments!

Until next time….

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