Is this the end for Latisse??

I’ve been using Latisse for years and when someone comments on how lush and long my lashes (and eye brows!) are I don’t make a secret of it and encourage others to use it.

Latisse is also known as bimatoprost, an antiglaucoma medication, and after 7 years of faithful use I’ve started to worry about long term effects. But switching to another product isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are literally dozens of them on the market!

Then Body Merry offered me a chance to try their Lash and Brow Elixir. At first I was thrilled – this was fate!! I already love their products so I’m sure this one is just as good!

But would it? Latisse works and I have the lashes to prove it. Could something that was ‘natural and organic’ do the job? I decided to give it a try and used it as directed for a couple of weeks and here’s what I found.

The Lash and Brow Elixir is in a mascara-type dispenser. Applying it to the brows and lashes is a snap – which is not the case with Latisse…trust me! Putting drops on a small brush and then applying like an eyeliner is tricky! More than once I have gotten too much Latisse on and into my eye – yikes!!

Lash and Brow Elixir smells a little bit like cucumbers, which just happens to be the first ingredient – cucumber hydrosol. It’s a pleasant, fresh smell that dissipates quickly as the product dries leaving lashes and brows soft to the touch. Latisse always left my eye lashes and brows feeling a bit stiff and sometimes itchy.

Which brings me to redness and irritation – none with Lash and Brow Elixir, but bi-monthly with the big ‘L’ which forced me to be creative with my eye makeup!

Lastly, there is a HUGE price difference between the two. The Elixir is a very affordable $24.99 while Latisse is anywhere from $99 (on-line) to $179!

So what’s the verdict? I love it!! My lashes and brows look just as lush as before and even a bit healthier! Best of all, I’m not worried about long term effects of a medication used for cosmetic reasons (okay…vain reasons).

Body Merry has done it again by having all the right stuff in a product to make it work!!


Until next time….


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