Juicing and skin….does it really help?


Prompted by a devoted follower (thanks M for the suggestion!) I’ve been researching juicing and it’s effect, if any, on skin.

First, the obvious – skin is your largest organ, so anything you consume (good or bad) will effect it.  So consuming any fruits and veggies instead of processed food is a great idea, but make sure you are getting enough fiber as well. Diets high in fiber help lower the risk of heart disease. It also creates a feeling of fullness so you don’t overeat.

That all being said, here are the Super Stars of juicing for good skin and health!

Apples – high in antioxidants – these not only benefit your skin’s appearance, but they have also been shown in studies to reduce the risk of skin cancer.

Beets – I could devote an entire blog to the benefits of beets for the body, but for skin it helps by keeping the liver cleansed and regenerated.

Carrots – containing antioxidants, vitamins and minerals which helps give skin a healthier glow and improved smoothness.

Kale – the current darling that’s everywhere (salad bars, chips and even brownies!) and it should be in your juicer! A single serving provides the recommended daily amount of vitamin K and 90% of vitamin C.

Tomatoes – contains skin protecting antioxidant lycopene and also protects your skin from UV damage.

Lemons – not only are lemons great in digestions and detoxification – it also delays the breakdown of enzymes and other nutritional elements of other fragile juices (like apples and cucumbers). So juice a lemon first to get the most out of your juicer!

Until next time….


Hey there readers – are any of you using Nerium Skin Care products? If so, let me know what you think!