Kybella – Not Just For Double Chins

As with a lot of things in this industry, we always find another use them.

Botox for jaw pain from grinding or a smoother neck.  Restylane for more youthful hands and earlobes. Thermage for tightening saggy knee skin.

So it’s no surprise that Kybella is now being used in a variety of fatty areas – back, knees, tummy and now armpit fat.

You know….that stuff that hangs out of the sides of your bra next to your pits? Yup, armpit fat.

Similar to the acid naturally produced by our bodies to absorb fat (deoxycholic acid), once injected, Kybella destroys the fat cell membrane so the body will consume it . FDA approved in April of 2015, it quickly became the go-to treatment for sufferers of a double chin and was touted as an easy alternative to traditional liposuction.

Or is it?

Traditional liposuction, while invasive, is considered a ‘one and done’ procedure. A local anesthetic is all that is needed (unless you are having large areas treated) and healing time is usually 1 week.

Kybella, on the other hand, takes up to 50 injections per visit and up to 6 treatments to resolve a patients chin fat. The number of injections and treatments for non-FDA approved areas vary and the average down time is about 1 week as well.

Results for both can be possible infection at the procedure site, unevenness, pain, discomfort, swelling and bruising.

Cost is about the same for both depending on the area(s) treated, so it really comes down to how many treatments you’re willing to have to remove fat from an area.

I don’t know about you, but one treatment is easier for me than multiple. Trying to  schedule a procedure and downtime into my busy lifestyle once is tough enough…..but six times, once a month? Forget about it!

What do you think readers? Is Kybella a better option than liposuction?



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