Mental Health Checks Required Before Botox?

According to a recent article in The Guardian, Superdrug (the second largest health and beauty retailer in England) is starting comprehensive testing on customers who want Botox or similar anti-aging procedures for BDD (body dysmorphic disorder).

This move was apparently brought on when the higher ups at England’s National Health Service criticized Superdrug when they added Botox to their anti-aging services last Fall.

It was also suggested that Superdrug should “refer anyone identified through its new screening process as having BDD to their GP and Mind, the mental health charity”.

Superdrug has already announced they will be requiring their staff to perform “hour-long consultations” to anyone requesting any anti-aging treatments in the hopes of pacifying the NHS and avoiding any further negative comments.

While I don’t disagree with a thorough consultation for all anti-aging treatment, I do think an hour is a bit excessive.

If Superdrug isn’t open 24/7 now, it soon will be!

The full article can be found here.


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