Which Microcurrent Treatment Would You Choose?

Most people overlook microcurrent technology as a way to improve facial tone and reduce wrinkles. Unfortunately, they are missing out on a great treatment that is easy to do in your own home.

Microcurrent works because our facial muscles are attached to our skin. Think of it as a boot camp for your face – work the muscles and they lift the skin!

So it’s no surprise that skincare companies want in on the game. Beauty is a billion dollar business and Nu Skin recently launched an at-home device hoping to cash in!

The Nu Skin Facial Spa is a futuristic looking device that (according to Nu Skin) provides facial toning, improves facial contour and makes the skin look more ‘voluminous’. By using the Facial Spa 3 times a week for either 10 minutes on the full face or 5 minutes on focused areas, you’ll soon have contoured cheekbones like that of a celebrity! Unfortunately, Nu Skin must think we’re all paid like celebrities because it will cost you $400 to own the Facial Spa!

Personally, I’d rather buy the wildly popular NuFace Mini Facial Toning DeviceThis pint sized microcurrent apparatus will lift that jawline in less time than the Facial Spa for less than $200! Or you can upgrade to it’s predecessor, Trinity, that has attachments specifically for the eyes, lips and pesky wrinkles all for the cost of the Nu Skin Facial Spa!

The choice is yours, but I’m going with the Mini!


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