The Newest Must Have Product!

My favorite skin care company is at it again! Yes, Biopelle (creators of Tensage) and they have a whole new way to keep us beautiful using snail eggs!

And before you start feeling nauseated over the use of snail eggs on your skin – let’s get real. Have you heard of the bird poop facial? Enough said.

Introducing Tensage Stem Cell Cream and Stem Cell Eye Cream with CellPro Technology!

CellPro Technology is the key behind getting the Cryptomphalus aspersa snail eggs to activate stem cells located at the very bottom of hair follicles – technically called the ‘bulge’. Those stem cells then convert into skin cells and travel to where they are needed to help replenish and strengthen our skin.

Additional ingredients in the Stem Cell Creams are retinol, peptides, antioxidants, humectants, vitamins C & E (in the face cream) and caffeine and brightening agents (in the eye cream).

The result? Reduced fine lines, a more even skin tone that’s firmer in just 8 weeks……..seriously, 8 weeks.  Biopelle has the research and photos to prove that this stuff works!

So think about it….if you started on the Tensage Stem Cell Cream now, you’d have more youthful looking skin before November 1st. Just think how amazing you’ll be looking for the holidays!! And all by just using a product. Your going to put something on your skin anyway, why not use something that makes a positive difference?

Each product is designed to be used at night and only 1 pump is necessary, even for the eye cream. Retail cost is ~$180 for the cream and ~$130 for the eye cream.

Oh, I almost forgot – Tensage Stem Cell Cream’s hashtag? #gamechanger


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