No arch? No problem….

This actually happens quite a bit.

A new client comes in and wants their eyebrows ‘lifted’ with a neuromodulator (Botox Cosmetic, Dysport, Xeomin) giving them that high arch.  Unfortunately, this can be a bit difficult if you truly have a horizontal brow.

However, it’s time to rejoice – the ‘Boy Brow’ has hit America by storm!

You don’t have to look further than Hollywood to see the trend – Jessica Alba, Natalie Portman and Victoria Beckham have all embraced the look. However this isn’t something new. Think back to the 80’s and Brooke Shields unruly straight brows.

If you currently have an arch and want to try the boy brow – you can learn it here with eyebrow guru Kelley Baker. Her videos are easy to follow and she carries a line of eyebrow products that can help even the most eyebrow challenged person!

If you have a high arch and want to follow the Boy Brow trend, a small amount of a neuromodulator injected into the frontalis (forehead muscles) will help to relax and flatten the brow. This being said, if you have a heavy upper eyelid, you could end up looking tired or older with the eyebrow lowered. Trust me, you don’t want that!


Until next time….

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