Phi for the face, injections to removal double chins and Wrinkle MD (is it replacing Botox?)….

Sometimes I don’t have much to say about a subject – it’s better to just go with the facts and leave the fluff out. Here are 3 such articles – enjoy!


Golden Mask

What is beauty and how is it measured? Apparently, Dr. Stephen Marquardt has it figured out.

As an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. Marquardt has studied and measured the dimensions of the human face for years. The Golden Ratio is actually 1.618, or Phi, and appears recurrently in beautiful things – whether that is a person or a flower. Using that knowledge he devised the Marquardt Mask which is based on phi, pentagons and dedecagons to display the archetypal attractive face for males and females.

You can download the mask at Marquardt Beauty Analysis to see if you fit the Golden Ratio.



Injections to remove double chins….

Soon, liposuction could be a thing of the past. ATX-101 (manufactured by Kythera Biopharmaceuticals) is a formulation of deoxycholic acid and destroys fat cells.

Injected in a grid-like pattern, this 5 minute out-patient procedure takes up to 6 treatments at one month intervals. Side effects include swelling, bruising and numbness.
ATX-101 is currently awaiting FDA final approval and is expected to be available later this year.


wrinkles md

Wrinkle MD Deep Infusion System uses a gentle micro-current to deliver nano-sized molecules of hyaluronic acid and peptides deeper into the layers of your skin than creams or serums can reach. The result is instantly plumper skin, thus improved appearance in the forehead and crows feet.

While it doesn’t ‘remove’ the forehead and crows feet lines as well as Botox, it is a great product for those who aren’t ready for injections. Actually, with regular use, this unit is actually a great idea whether you are a Botox fan or not.

The treatment lasts 40 minutes and the pod can be attached to clothing so that you can walk around and continue on with ‘life’.

Currently they have an eye and brow treatment with one for smile lines ‘coming soon’. Wrinkle MD Brow and Eye Systems are ~$199 with 8 refill patches for ~$149.


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