Protection You Should Be Using Daily

I know that I shouldn’t, but I’ve taken my eyesight for granted. Most times I’m more concerned about the length of my eyelashes than how well I can see them.

But all that changed last week when I learned I had cataracts forming in both eyes. Me? Cataracts?! I thought only old(er) people got cataracts – not the ’50’s are the new 30’s’ crowd!

Quickly educating myself (thank you Google) I learned that cataracts are the leading cause of blindness in the world. Wow, I didn’t see that coming. (no pun intended). And while there is some debate over why the protein in the lens of the eye clumps to form ‘clouds’, there are numerous things that will increase your risk.

At the top of the list is exposure to sunlight. Well, this isn’t good news. Having grown up on a beach in Florida, few things feel better to me than the warmth of the sun on my skin.

My optometrist recommended that I start wearing sunglasses with 100% protection against UV rays. She explained that this will slow down the progression of the cataracts so the need for surgery in the future will be greatly reduced.

That sounds easy enough. I’m diligent about sunblock for my skin, now I just have to be the same about wearing sunglasses to protect my eyes.

I no longer take my eyesight for granted and you shouldn’t either. Sunglasses are an easy way to protect your sight, so make them a habit just like applying your daily sunblock.









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