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I’ve been getting more and more questions from readers lately (yea! keep them coming!!). I decided to share a few, edited of course. Enjoy…

Q – What treatment is best for acne scars?

A – Currently, I would have to say microneedling. Recovery is faster (read – less downtime) than with a laser since heat is not being used. You will have to be patient, as multiple treatments will be necessary. It all depends upon the severity of the scars.

Q – How often should I have a facial?

A – Four to eight weeks is a good time frame.

Q – Is Ultherapy a good treatment?

A – Ultherapy is an excellent treatment, as long as you are a good candidate with mild to moderate laxity of the skin. If you have very thin skin with moderate to severe laxity, you may not be a good candidate. As always, choose your provider wisely – not everyone is upfront about who is a good candidate and who isn’t.

Q – Should I pop my pimples?

A – Yes and no. If the pimple has a ‘white head’ on top, yes, but do so carefully. Make sure that the skin is clean. Using a sterilized needle, gently pierce the white part. Using clean fingertips, cover them with tissue and gently press on the sides of the pimple to express the white matter. Here is a link of Dr. Oz demonstrating this technique.  If there isn’t a ‘white head’ on the pimple, leave it alone and apply acne medication to the top until it resolves.

Q – Latisse makes my eyelids red. What can I do?

Q – Latisse can cause irritation to the eyelids and surrounding skin when you first start to use the product. However, if after 2 weeks it has not resolved, I would recommend you discontinue use and try another brand. Here is a link to Rank and Style for a list of the ‘best’ eyelash growth serums.

Q – Which antibiotics are good for acne?

A – I’m sorry, but this question is best answered by your doctor. Good luck!

Q – Are dermarollers and microneedling the same?

A – I’m probably going to get some emails over this one, but here goes.

NO!! Microneedling is a procedure that is performed by an experienced skin care professional in a sterile and controlled setting. What you put on the injured skin after the treatment is just as important as the treatment itself. Dermarolling is performed using the same roller for multiple treatments. The needles on the roller will be dull after one treatment and will not perforate the skin properly if reused. However, the biggest reason to not have dermarolling is risk of infection. In my opinion, you should use a new set of sterilized needles for every treatment. Also, if you apply the wrong product to your skin after dermarolling, you could end up with a severe reaction.

Q – Why do my eyes feel heavy after a Botox treatment?

A – This is a tough question to answer without actually seeing you. There are so many different reasons, but the most likely answer is either your injector used too much product or injected it improperly. Choose your injector wisely!

Q – I really want my lips injected, but I don’t want them too big. How can I avoid this?

A – Two answers – pick your injector wisely and try Restylane Silk. Restylane Silk enhances the lips instead of adding volume to them.

Q – I’m waiting until I am 70 for a face lift. What should I do in the meantime?

A – Depending upon laxity, volume loss and so forth – I would probably recommend Sculptra, in addition to dermal fillers. Sculptra is an amazing product that you can check out here.


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