The Return Of Spring And Blackheads!

Ahhhh, Spring – our reward for enduring a frigid Winter!

Summer also renews our dedication to sunblock. I know you’ve been slacking off during the Winter, but now it’s time to bring it on!

The only problem with that is with warmer weather, perspiration and sunblock we can also get blackheads…..ugh!!

I don’t know about you, but I hate blackheads. I find them repulsive and when I see them snuggled deep in a pore I become this crazy landlord and evict them right away!

Yes, it’s okay to gently squeeze these nasty things out of your skin – here’s how.

Do – wash your skin with warm water and your exfoliating cleanser. Pat your skin dry and wrap your index fingers in tissue. Using light pressure and the pads of your index fingers, press on the sides of the pore containing the blackhead. As it comes out of the pore, change the placement of your finger pads – pressing from another direction until everything has been removed.

Don’t – press more than a few seconds. If you are still trying to coax one blackhead out after 30 seconds, let it go and try again after a week of using your gentle exfoliating cleanser, Clarisonic, at-home acid pads or a prescription of Retin-A.

Do – apply a smidge of benzoyl peroxide to the area where you have removed the blackheads. Benzoyl peroxide is a great over the counter product for killing off acne causing bacteria and by placing it on your skin after removing blackheads, you will lessen the chance of a breakout.

Don’t – over do it! If you have more than 10 blackheads to remove, don’t try and remove them all at once. Exfoliating the skin is a good thing, but don’t do it everyday unless you want a red, irritated face. And while benzoyl peroxide is great, a little goes a long way!

Your last step in evicting the blackheads is to apply a gentle moisturizer and then let you skin rest and recover.


Until next time….


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