SeeUs – A Campaign That Is Helping Millions Who Suffer From Hair Loss

Most people are known for something – a great smile, beautiful skin, easy demeanor…..

Mine is great hair. Everyone in my family has it and at a young age I had become used to people commenting and even reaching out to touch it (strange, I know). But after a very stressful event in my 30’s, my hair began falling out in clumps. Assurances from my doctor that it was a temporary response to stress, called alopecia effluvium, did little to calm my fears of becoming permanently bald. I would tell myself to stop being so vain and that being bald was ‘no big deal’. Sadly, it is a very big deal and millions suffer from it everyday.

That was 20 years ago and, thankfully, experts now know a whole lot more about this hair robbing disease.

There are different types of alopecia. Some is permanent, some isn’t. Others cause 100% hair loss, others don’t.

It doesn’t discriminate. No matter what age, sex or ethnicity you are, you can still have it.

September is National Alopecia Areata Foundation’s awareness month. The NAAF’s SeeUs Campaign is an “approach to reducing the stigma of difference and celebrating the uniqueness and resiliency of people living with these conditions”. Brave hair loss sufferers from all over are sharing their inspiring stories and photos on Instagram to educate others about life with alopecia. With pictures and stories about the curious (and sometimes rude) questions they are asked, these beautiful ladies are baring it all for a cause!

One such beautiful gal is Brittany Myers. Diagnosed at age 7, she has bravely posted her pictures and stories to raise awareness.


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