Own The Skin Tightening Treatment Celebs Used To Tighten Their Skin Before The Golden Globes!

Apparently, a well known makeup artist accidentally-on-purpose posted a picture of the ReFa Carat after the Golden Globes along with the products she used on her clients to get them ready for the big event. Now, everybody wants to know what it is and how to have one. I’m going to do you one better and tell you how to get the same treatment at home and save money!

Let’s start first with the pre-Golden Globes treatment. It is a handheld, microcurrent device that is used to tighten skin. There are 8 different models of the ReFA that range in price from $160 to $370. It states that the kneading balls are coated in platinum so that it can be used on delicate skin and gathers energy to generate power for the microcurrent via a solar panel on the handle.

However, if you look on Amazon you’ll find the ReFa and a lot of other devices that look exactly like it for a fraction of the price. As far as the ReFa gathering energy for the microcurrent by a itty-bitty solar panel on the handle – please! If I’m going to pay $160 to $370 for something, it had better have a better energy source than that!

So instead of something that may or may not work, let’s look at microcurrent treatments you can use at home that have been proven to tighten your skin!

Nuface has been a tried and true microcurrent device for years and they just introduced a body device that is also for at-home use! Starting price is $199 (you’ll find it for less on Amazon) and it offers a 60 day money back guarantee.

DermaWand is another great choice that costs much less than ReFa ($90-140 depending which site you buy it from) with free shipping and a 30 day guarantee if you purchase it from the original company.

The Dr. Jart+ Liftra Three Step Contour Set is a simple and effective regimen for tighter skin. While it doesn’t use microcurrent, it does have a prepping product that you apply before you tighten with the Contour Shaper. The final step is a facial setting mist with hyaluronic acid. You can find it at Sephora for $130.

The most important thing to remember is that none of these devices will work if you don’t use them. Keep them out near the computer or TV where you can surf the net or watch shows while tightening your skin!


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