Soolantra – the latest drug for clearer skin….

It crawls along your skin with it’s 8 stubby legs – each with an attaching claw to get a better grip before they start feasting. Millions of them, signaling each other where to find the juiciest part of your skin…..

Science fiction? Unfortunately, no. Demodex mites – the ones that consume the sebum off our skin. Too many of them and you could be affected by red, dry, itchy skin – also known as rosacea.

Thankfully, there is a new FDA approved medication called Soolantra.

Soolantra is an antibiotic-free topical prescription that treats the inflammatory side of the rosacea – lesions, pimples and bumps. With both anti-inflammatory and antiparasitic properties, it offers a one-two punch to the Demodex mites – reducing their numbers and the havoc that they cause.

So if your rosacea medication isn’t working as well as it use to, talk to your physician about Soolantra. I’ve personally been using it for one week and have noticed a significant improvement!


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