Has Revanesse Versa Lived Up To The Hype?

Last Fall Prollenium’s Revanesse Versa hit the market with promises of affordability and less swelling than other dermal fillers. Was it able to deliver those promises? First, Revanesse Versa did […]

Anti-Aging Tweaks For Any Age!

It doesn’t surprise me that the latest news shows Millennials getting anti-aging treatments for preventative reasons. Getting out in front of aging is a smart thing to do. But what […]

Are These 3 New Fillers For You?

We are only two weeks into 2017 and things are already very exciting for those in the beauty biz! Galderma (owners of the Restylane family and the neuromodulator Dysport) will […]

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5 Ways To Tackle Wrinkles

Like millions of others, I’ve been glued to the TV watching the horrible destruction and loss of life from Matthew. Unfortunately, it is slamming into my home town as I […]

Is This Trend Causing You Wrinkles?

Every time I see someone drinking through a straw, I want to hand them my business card. Oh yeah….you’ll need me – soon! Sipping through a straw seemed like a […]

A DIY Injectable For The Face?

  At first glance, Fillerina appears to be an injectable product that you do yourself. Thankfully, that isn’t the case. Cleverly packaged in vials and using ‘no needle’ syringes, Fillerina […]

Juvederm Volbella XC – Now FDA Approved But Is It For You?

You’ve probably already heard about Volbella XC – the latest hyaluronic acid injectable to be added to the Juvederm family. Recently FDA approved for ‘lip fullness and smoothness of the […]

Improving your sex life with dermal fillers….

Discussing vaginal rejuvenation use to be taboo, but those days are over! As an experiment, I mentioned that I had written an article regarding in-office, non-invasive V-rejuvenation to my clients […]

Is your New Year’s Resolution aging you?

According to a Nielsen’s study, the #1 resolution for Americans in 2015 is to ‘stay fit and healthy’ while #2 is ‘lose weight’. While this isn’t a big surprise, losing the […]