Anese – Skincare With Attitude!

It’s not enough to have a great product anymore. With thousands of skincare companies competing for your attention (and money) your product must stand out. Introducing Anese. Created by Lynnsee […]

Is Your Computer Ruining Your Skin?

We already know that the blue light emitted from smart phones and computers seriously messes with our circadian rhythm, but what about prematurely aging our skin? Unfortunately, there is mounting […]

Skin Resolutions To Do Now

Whether you’re a fan of New Year’s Resolutions or not, it’s that time of year – time to revamp your health, purge your closets and set new work goals. It’s […]

Spend Your Green While Being Green – Eco Diva

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have someone choose the best products for your lifestyle while saving the planet? I’m not talking about Wonder Woman getting into skincare, but […]

J&J Recommends This For Better Skin

Even though Summer is over, we still need to protect our skin. Nothing ages us faster that photo damage – causing brown spots and laxity. Even worse is that skin […]

The Newest Must Have Product!

My favorite skin care company is at it again! Yes, Biopelle (creators of Tensage) and they have a whole new way to keep us beautiful using snail eggs! And before […]

A Product Line Worth Splurging On

If you don’t mind spending a bit more on your skin care products, May Lindstrom has something for you! While I haven’t personally used these products, they’ve been praised by […]

Find Solutions To Aging Gracefully – In Your Own Fridge!

I’ve been a huge fan of Dr. Anthony Youn for years! A truly gifted surgeon with humble beginnings, Dr. Youn goes into the kitchen and finds everyday items (from apples […]

What 3 Things Are Causing Your Skin To Age The Most?

Reading an article the other day, a celebrity dermatologist stated that only ‘20% of the way you age is down to genetic factors and the other 80% is governed by […]

Soolantra – the latest drug for clearer skin….

It crawls along your skin with it’s 8 stubby legs – each with an attaching claw to get a better grip before they start feasting. Millions of them, signaling each […]