Lumene – The Best Skin Care Products For Winter!

It seems that the older I get the harder winter is on my skin. As I move from one heated environment to another, my skin seems to shrivel up right […]

Anese – Skincare With Attitude!

It’s not enough to have a great product anymore. With thousands of skincare companies competing for your attention (and money) your product must stand out. Introducing Anese. Created by Lynnsee […]

Is This Trend Causing You Wrinkles?

Every time I see someone drinking through a straw, I want to hand them my business card. Oh yeah….you’ll need me – soon! Sipping through a straw seemed like a […]

Want Your Lips Injected? Read This First!

Whether you were born with them or they’ve changed as you’ve aged – small, thin lips can make us appear older. So why not get them enhanced? Soft, plump lips […]

Improving your sex life with dermal fillers….

Discussing vaginal rejuvenation use to be taboo, but those days are over! As an experiment, I mentioned that I had written an article regarding in-office, non-invasive V-rejuvenation to my clients […]

Is your New Year’s Resolution aging you?

According to a Nielsen’s study, the #1 resolution for Americans in 2015 is to ‘stay fit and healthy’ while #2 is ‘lose weight’. While this isn’t a big surprise, losing the […]

I took the Sheet Mask Challenge….

from Soko Glam and here’s what happened. First, I found that doing my sheet mask challenge at night was the best for me, however, you can really do it whenever […]

Better skin with sheet masks for $3?

Over a year ago I tried my first sheet mask. I wasn’t overwhelmed by it, but rather amused. It was gooey, kind of cold, but relaxing in some strange way. […]

Maria's Skin Secrets

Phi for the face, injections to removal double chins and Wrinkle MD (is it replacing Botox?)….

Sometimes I don’t have much to say about a subject – it’s better to just go with the facts and leave the fluff out. Here are 3 such articles – […]

Maria's Skin Secrets

I had microneedling and survived to tell about it….

I must admit, I was a bit apprehensive for my first microneedling procedure with our new Eclipse Dermapen. Twelve needles poking through my skin over and over again – who […]