5 Things To Do For Your Skin Now

Happy Labor Day everyone! While this weekend means different things to each of us (officially it’s a holiday to honor the American labor movement), for most of us it’s our […]

Products that remove brown spots….

Brown spots – we don’t like them. Whether caused by the sun, irritation or injury (PIH – post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation) they are aging, annoying and difficult to get rid of. The IPL […]

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Are your hands giving away your age?

You do everything possible to rejuvenate and protect your face and hair, but have you forgotten your hands? Brown spots, thinning skin and protruding veins can give away your age […]

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Mirvaso – the cure for rosacea …. or is it?

Growing up with fair skin in the Florida sun, I was doomed from the start. The only sunblock we knew about was that white stuff heart throb Jeff Kufeld would […]

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Five ways to fight off a face lift….

Here are 5 easy ways to fight the aging process without having a face lift. Remember, nothing turns back the clock overnight – drug store products, at-home devices and ‘Instantly […]

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Your skin care routine for 2015….

Normally, this time of year everyone starts to focus on their health – joining gyms, eating right, losing a few pounds. It’s also the perfect time of year to re-evaluate […]

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Think you can’t afford to have treatments? Think again….

One of the biggest myths about professional skin care and treatments is that they cost a fortune. Treatments can be affordable, especially if you buy them in packages, but you […]

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Don’t let your hands show your age….

You take care of the skin on your face, why not your hands? They are the first part of the body to show signs of aging and once they do, […]

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Breasts and butts are out….

Snowbound from yet another storm, I decided to check if the 2013 stats on trends from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons had been released. These stats keep us in […]

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Why skin care packages are a good idea…..

When clients come to me for advice on how to tighten skin, correct wrinkles and other signs of aging – I typically give them my diet and exercise speech….’once you […]