5 Things To Do For Your Skin Now

Happy Labor Day everyone! While this weekend means different things to each of us (officially it’s a holiday to honor the American labor movement), for most of us it’s our […]

Products that remove brown spots….

Brown spots – we don’t like them. Whether caused by the sun, irritation or injury (PIH – post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation) they are aging, annoying and difficult to get rid of. The IPL […]

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Are your hands giving away your age?

You do everything possible to rejuvenate and protect your face and hair, but have you forgotten your hands? Brown spots, thinning skin and protruding veins can give away your age […]

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Making sense of BB, CC, DD and EE creams….

We’ve seen the advertisements, we have friends that swear by them, but what are these creams that promise to do everything and reverse the aging process? Let’s start at the beginning […]

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New apps make our skin look perfect, even when it isn’t……

Okay, I get it. I haven’t been a fan of myself in pictures until I started Sculptra treatments, but that was another blog. Apparently, with the growing rage of ‘selfies’, there […]

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Dermal fillers…

Not a very exciting name for something that does so much. If it were up to me, I would have named them something catchier…maybe – Pout Producer, or Line Eraser, Cheek […]

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IPL vs Laser for hair reduction……

So you are looking for hair removal, but can’t decide which treatment is more effective… IPL or laser. Here is some info that should clear things up. IPL is an […]