FDA Approves Treatment that Removes Double Chin In Less Time!

Body fat can be covered with clothing, but a double chin? Not so much. With most of us unwilling to have surgery or liposuction, the demand for more noninvasive solutions […]

Kybella – Not Just For Double Chins

As with a lot of things in this industry, we always find another use them. Botox for jaw pain from grinding or a smoother neck.  Restylane for more youthful hands […]

Can this eye ointment replace surgery?

Accidents happen and sometimes it’s a good thing. Take XAF5 for example. Sounding more like a military term, this ointment might just revolutionize cosmetic surgery by becoming the world’s first topical fat shrinking […]

Winners of 2015 – products and procedures….

There’ve been some winners and some losers (pickle facial anyone?) in the constant quest to better our skin and body this year. Here are my top 10 picks of notable […]


It’s what we have been waiting for – the injectable double-chin melter – and it’s name is….Kybella! FDA approved for adults with moderate to severe fat below the chin, Kybella […]