FDA Approves Treatment that Removes Double Chin In Less Time!

Body fat can be covered with clothing, but a double chin? Not so much. With most of us unwilling to have surgery or liposuction, the demand for more noninvasive solutions […]

Kybella – Not Just For Double Chins

As with a lot of things in this industry, we always find another use them. Botox for jaw pain from grinding or a smoother neck.  Restylane for more youthful hands […]

Do Neck Creams Really Work?

If you’ve been following this blog with any regularity (thank you!), then you know I’m obsessed with my neck. Born with a double chin that spans generations, I have tried […]

FDA Approves AspireAssist To Suck Food Out Of Your Stomach After Eating

Just when things couldn’t get any weirder – AspireAssist is the newest weight loss device on the market and probably the strangest. AspireAssist is a thin tube that is placed […]

Thinking about non-invasive fat removal? Read this first!

You see the ads everywhere – a smiling young lady with a gorgeous figure claiming that she had her fat removed and all without pain or downtime!! It sounds easy […]

Neckletage – my new obsession….

If you’ve been reading this blog with any regularity, you know that I have insecurities about my neck. All my life, I have longed for that swan-type neck and not […]

CoolSculpting’s newest treatment….

It’s time to wave bye-bye to your bat wings with CoolSculpting’s CoolMini! Working the same way as the other applicators, CoolMini freezes the fat without downtime. Designed for those smaller […]

New hope for cellulite

New hope for cellulite (warning – graphic image)….

According to WebMD, cellulite is described as ‘pillowy fat attached to the skin by bands called septae’. Now imagine a device the size of a smart phone that lays on […]


It’s what we have been waiting for – the injectable double-chin melter – and it’s name is….Kybella! FDA approved for adults with moderate to severe fat below the chin, Kybella […]

Maria's Skin Secrets

Phi for the face, injections to removal double chins and Wrinkle MD (is it replacing Botox?)….

Sometimes I don’t have much to say about a subject – it’s better to just go with the facts and leave the fluff out. Here are 3 such articles – […]