2 Ways to Tighten and Improve Skin At-Home

Unfortunately, there are a lot of at-home devices that just do not live up to their claims for tightening and improving skin. That’s why I get practically giddy when I […]

4 Reasons Why You Should Try Microneedling

Still thinking about having microneedling? Whether you are worried about the pain or downtime or just not sure about the results – it’s time to give it a try and […]

Winners of 2015 – products and procedures….

There’ve been some winners and some losers (pickle facial anyone?) in the constant quest to better our skin and body this year. Here are my top 10 picks of notable […]

Questions from readers….

I’ve been getting more and more questions from readers lately (yea! keep them coming!!). I decided to share a few, edited of course. Enjoy… Q – What treatment is best […]

Better skin with sheet masks for $3?

Over a year ago I tried my first sheet mask. I wasn’t overwhelmed by it, but rather amused. It was gooey, kind of cold, but relaxing in some strange way. […]

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My latest addiction….poop!

If you visit here often enough, you know I’m a practical girl. While I subscribe to Violet Grey – I’m just not interested in paying over $100 for a face […]

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Why do treatments cost as much as they do?

There is always that fine line of charging the appropriate price for a service and what the public will pay. For some treatments it is easier to understand. You obviously […]

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The most popular skin rejuvenation and hair restoration treatment right now…

Over five years ago, elite athletes and sports stars were using autologous platelet-rich plasma to speed up recovery from injuries. Now, it has attracted attention in various medical fields including […]

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I had microneedling and survived to tell about it….

I must admit, I was a bit apprehensive for my first microneedling procedure with our new Eclipse Dermapen. Twelve needles poking through my skin over and over again – who […]

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Microneedling….is it for you?

Once known as ‘the poor man’s laser treatment’, microneedling is gaining popularity because of excellent results with less down time than lasers. Based on the theory that repeated puncturing of […]