The Return Of Spring And Blackheads!

Ahhhh, Spring – our reward for enduring a frigid Winter! Summer also renews our dedication to sunblock. I know you’ve been slacking off during the Winter, but now it’s time […]

Is This Trend Causing You Wrinkles?

Every time I see someone drinking through a straw, I want to hand them my business card. Oh yeah….you’ll need me – soon! Sipping through a straw seemed like a […]

A DIY Injectable For The Face?

  At first glance, Fillerina appears to be an injectable product that you do yourself. Thankfully, that isn’t the case. Cleverly packaged in vials and using ‘no needle’ syringes, Fillerina […]

This Retinoid Is Now Available OTC

Much stronger than the over the counter cousin retinol, retinoids have long been considered the Holy Grail for improving the skin’s texture, fine lines, discoloration and acne! Now you’ll be able […]

Retinol….your new bff?

Retinol has been around for years. Being less expensive and easier to obtain than it’s big cousin Retin-A, it’s no wonder it is one of the more popular anti-aging products. […]

A New Year….

a New YOU! I stopped making New Year resolutions a long time ago. I know myself well enough that if I’m not committed to a cause 365 days a year […]

Bobbie Lynn’s Lip ‘n Skin

The older I get, the more attention I pay to what goes on my skin. Current studies show that women come into contact with over 160 chemicals daily. Think of […]

Products that remove brown spots….

Brown spots – we don’t like them. Whether caused by the sun, irritation or injury (PIH – post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation) they are aging, annoying and difficult to get rid of. The IPL […]

Have you given up on Retin-A?

You believed the hype and dove right in, using your new retinoid (topical forms of vitamin A such as Retin-A and Renova) religiously only to be rewarded with red, dry, […]

Maria's Skin Secrets

Mirvaso – the cure for rosacea …. or is it?

Growing up with fair skin in the Florida sun, I was doomed from the start. The only sunblock we knew about was that white stuff heart throb Jeff Kufeld would […]