Own The Skin Tightening Treatment Celebs Used To Tighten Their Skin Before The Golden Globes!

Apparently, a well known makeup artist accidentally-on-purpose posted a picture of the ReFa Carat after the Golden Globes along with the products she used on her clients to get them […]

FDA Approves Treatment that Removes Double Chin In Less Time!

Body fat can be covered with clothing, but a double chin? Not so much. With most of us unwilling to have surgery or liposuction, the demand for more noninvasive solutions […]

Is The CoolSculpting Mini A Hit Or Miss?

I first wrote about the CoolSculpting Mini in August 2015. There was a lot of excitement over the new hand piece that was being promoted for smaller areas of the […]

2 Products That Work, But Are They Safe?

I’ve just returned from Florida for my Mother’s 90-something birthday bash! Being with family is always great, but another reason I love going home is so I can test out what my […]

2 Ways to Tighten and Improve Skin At-Home

Unfortunately, there are a lot of at-home devices that just do not live up to their claims for tightening and improving skin. That’s why I get practically giddy when I […]

5 Must Have Products For Removing Brown Spots!

I’ve had a lot of questions at the clinic this week on what to do about brown spots. That’s when I realized a lot has happened in the 2 years […]

Dr. Jart+ Is Korean Skincare At Its Best!

                While I’ve seen Dr. Jart+ products advertised, I’ve never really given them much thought. That was until I saw their rubber masks […]

Anti-Aging Tweaks For Any Age!

It doesn’t surprise me that the latest news shows Millennials getting anti-aging treatments for preventative reasons. Getting out in front of aging is a smart thing to do. But what […]

Dr. Dennis Gross = Great Skin!

A client of mine recently brought me a few Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Extra Strength Daily Peel Packettes (thank you!) and I couldn’t wait to try them out! The pads […]

Dark Circles Under Your Eyes? Try This!

Syneron Medical (makers of lasers and gadgets for doctors and skin care professionals) has joined forces with Unilever (owner of over 400 brands from ice cream to Vaseline) to create […]