Could This Put Derms Out Of Business?

It is estimated that Americans spend over 2 billion dollars annually on acne treatments, but only 10% of the 85% of Americans suffering from acne seek medical help. Let’s face […]

Have you given up on Retin-A?

You believed the hype and dove right in, using your new retinoid (topical forms of vitamin A such as Retin-A and Renova) religiously only to be rewarded with red, dry, […]

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Think you can’t afford to have treatments? Think again….

One of the biggest myths about professional skin care and treatments is that they cost a fortune. Treatments can be affordable, especially if you buy them in packages, but you […]

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G.R.A.S.S. – are you getting yours?….

Growing up we were told to wash, tone and moisturize our skin to maintain it. Then came serums, scrubbing devices, retinols and sunscreen. Now the trend is GRASS, that is […]

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Unsure of how to apply lotions and potions?

It all seems so easy, until you find yourself staring back at your counter top full of bottles and tubes with no idea what comes first. The easiest way to […]