Is This Trend Causing You Wrinkles?

Every time I see someone drinking through a straw, I want to hand them my business card. Oh yeah….you’ll need me – soon!

Sipping through a straw seemed like a good idea when the megawatt smile was en vogue. Red wine, coffee and tea could ruin a weeks worth of teeth whitening strips in seconds!

Thankfully, the love affair with straws quickly waned when users started noticing lines around their kisser (not to mention how gassy they were – phew!).

But just like with everything else, our memories fade and what was old usually becomes new again – and this summer the straw was everywhere!

So it’s time to remind everyone what to do about those pesky lines around your mouth – unless you want people to think you’ve acquired a 2 pack a day smoking habit.

Chemical peels or a good retinol are things you can do at-home for fine lip lines. Make sure you don’t over do it and aggravate the skin, making it red and irritated. We’re trying to make the lip look better, not worse.

A retinoid used 3 times a week is a good choice for fine to moderate lines. Differin was approved by the FDA this summer for over the counter use so you no longer have to see a doctor for a prescription. Remember to use a sunblock daily as a retinoid will definitely make you more sensitive to the sun.

For moderate to deep lines, you might want to try a dermal filler designed for this area like Restylane Silk or Belotero. Using a dermal filler will give you that ‘instant gratification’ as the lines will look better immediately. However, consider using a retinol or retinoid with the dermal filler so you get that one-two-punch of collagen growth!

You could also choose the new Thread Lift and have tiny threads (absorbable sutures) placed in a tick-tack-toe fashion to lift the lines and produce collagen. Results last longer than dermal filler and, again, the treatment gives you instant gratification. Who does want that?!


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