Well This Is A Bummer….

And right in the middle of the holidays too!

A new study followed over 200,000 adults and their alcohol intake for 18.3 years and found that each alcoholic beverage consumed daily was associated with a 14% great risk of melanoma. To make matters worse, once the data was broken down as to which type of alcohol was the culprit – it was white wine that was directly linked to a 13% greater risk of melanoma. Yes, that relaxing glass of Pinot Gris after a rough day at the office might be more dangerous than your time spent in a tanning bed!

The participants, who consumed at least 20 grams of alcohol daily, had a 73% greater risk of melanomas on the trunk or other parts of the body that were less likely to be exposed to UV rays.

Seriously, a glass of wine is usually 5-6 ounces. That’s 141-170 grams!!

The bearer of bad news, Dr. Eunyoung Cho, stated that further research is required to find precisely why white wine has the greater melanoma risk. However some wines have higher levels of the chemical acetaldehyde which is known to damage DNA.

On the flip side, Dr. Cho’s study has concluded that beer, red wine and liquor had no significant impact on a melanoma risk. She also stated that the antioxidants in red wine might counteract acetaldehydes harmful effects.

While this study is very interesting, here’s a reality check. The Skin Cancer Foundation estimates that 10,130 people will die of melanoma this year. That’s compared to 136,053 who die from unintentional injuries, 55,227 from the flu/pneumonia and 10,265 from drunk driving.

So remember at your next holiday party, go for the red wine and take an Uber home.

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