Will Botox Help Resting B—- Face?

A new patient came in for a Botox treatment the other day because she was told she had ‘Resting Bitch Face’. Seriously??!!

Apparently, RBF is now a thing! Some of us are born with it – mouth turned down and a slight scowl or indifference in the eyes.


Others acquire it as they age.


Thank goodness Botox and/or a little dermal filler in the corners of the mouth will help. But should we?

Sometimes RBF comes in handy when you’re trying to send that signal – “I’m not interested in you or whatever you’re selling” or even “I’d just rather be left alone”! We’ve all used it at one time or another. That being said, if you are worried about if you have RBF there’s now an app that will measure your facial expressions to confirm it. (of course there is!)

Noldus, named after the founder Lucas Noldus, creates software for the “measurement and analysis of behavior” in humans and animals which can give insight to the effects of different stimuli. Well….. that’s a bit creepy.

Their app, FaceReader, analyzes 6 basic facial expressions, including neutral and contempt – which is where RBF comes in. When someone is showing more contempt in their expressions, then they come across as unhappy or throwing shade.

You can go to the link and upload a picture of yourself to see if you have RBF, but what if you have Resting Nice Face instead? (yup….that’s a thing too)

Then you can identify with Buzzfeed’s hilarious article “22 Problems Only People With Resting Nice Face Will Understand”.  Oh, I can so relate!


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