Winners of 2015 – products and procedures….

There’ve been some winners and some losers (pickle facial anyone?) in the constant quest to better our skin and body this year. Here are my top 10 picks of notable treatments and products to keep an eye on as we enter into the new year.

Oil cleansers for the skin. Even though this started a few years ago, the use of oil cleansers skyrocketed in 2015.  With over 1,000,000 (umm….overkill?) articles on the web on the best way to use them, if you haven’t tried one, you should.

The use of snail secretions for the sake of beauty. I sometimes wonder what our forefathers would have thought about this one. If you aren’t into using human growth factors, this one is for you.

Bee anything! Literally. The surge in honey masks and products containing propolis (bee glue) this year has been amazing – and I’m all in! It’s good for so many different things and it’s natural (depending on the product, of course).

Vaginal rejuvenation. Not just for ‘cosmetic reasons’, va-j restoration is helping a lot of women regain their sex lives and/or stop bladder leakage. Talk about a win-win!

Sheet masks. These noteworthy treatments from Korea are so popular that now US companies are on the bandwagon. If you can’t beat em…

Kybella. We waited patiently for this fat melting injectable to get it’s blessing from the FDA. We’re now waiting for the results. Multiple treatments with a high price tag – the verdict is still out on this one, but I think we’re on the right track.

Home devices for better skin. There’s no denying their success – I mean who doesn’t own a Clarisonic? A recent study showed that sales of home devices to improve your skin are outpacing in-office treatments. Hmm, maybe that’s why a couple of the large laser companies have jumped on the bandwagon and now sell their own?

Noninvasive fat removal machines. This part of the market continues to grow in leaps and pounds (err, bounds) with CoolSculpting in the lead. With the introduction of Celfina (treatment for cellulite), it’s a wonder what next year will bring.

Microneedling.  I am so impressed by this procedure – it’s fast, effective and doesn’t have the downtime (or pain!) of lasers. Correcting everything from acne scarring to pore size, I see this little gem being around for a long time.

Platelet Rich Plasma. Using a patients’ own growth factors to heal an injury has been around for a few years now. However, the key to harvesting those growth factors has changed and continues to be more effective than ever! Personally, I have never seen a treatment of any kind that can improve the skin in just one treatment so dramatically. It’s pretty impressive and I can only imagine what the future of PRP will bring!

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