Would You Do This For Better Lashes?

On a recent trip, I forgot to pack my mascara. Now, I don’t know about you, but I feel naked without it. My entire face just doesn’t look….well, balanced.

Thinking I could pop into a store to pick some up, I was quickly reminded of just how important long, thick lashes are to women. There were literally a hundred different types of mascara – all promising GARGANTUAN lashes in seconds! There were another dozen false eyelashes and some lotion/potions promising to grow your stubby lashes overnight!

So why are lashes so important? According to David Given’s Love Signals long, lush eyelashes complete all three steps of attraction. They get you noticed. Advertise your attributes. Signal the opposite sex that you are safe. Hmmmm.

Digging a little deeper, it came as no surprise to learn that eyelash transplants are now a thing. Crazy, right?

Using basically the same procedure as a regular hair transplant – 20 to 40 follicles are harvested from one area (usually the scalp) and then transferred to the eyelid where they continue to grow. While at first this sounds crazy, it’s actually fantastic news for those who have lost their lashes due to illness or trauma!

But what about for vanity? I’m not going to lie….I did think about it for a hot second! I’ve tried it all – Latisse, extensions and falsies. And goodness knows that I’m not hesitant to have procedures done – Hello, Thread Lift! But my eyelashes are still that of a fifty-something woman that relies on mascara to feel better about how I look.

However, elective surgery on or around my eyelids seems a bit too much…..even for me. Eyes are just one of those things I feel are better left alone. So, I’ll just wait until the One Two Lash is available (which is hopefully soon!!!!).


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